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COOKING ON WHEELS | BASF designfabrik 

In the late 19th century, more and more people were moving into already overcrowded cities. The result was poverty and hunger, as well as shortages of fuel and heating ma- terials. In an e ort to save energy, the so-called hay box was developed for cooking. As the name suggests, this was a box usually lined with hay or some other insulating materi- al. Foods like rice or potatoes were partly cooked and then put in the box to cook through with residual heat.

Travel time is cooking time


Designer Alexander Klein takes up this principle in his idea for delivery services. He has developed an elegant, stackable set of bowls with an insulation made of Slentite®, a polyurethane with outstanding insulating properties. Restaurants using their service for deliveries put partly cooked meals in the insulating bowls so that they are perfectly cooked and ready when they are delivered to the customer, cooking during the journey as suggested in the slogan “Travel time is cooking time”. The details make all the di er- ence here: magnets create a water- and airtight seal to close the bowls, and with the bowls’ sleek design, they can also be used as attractive tableware. 

This project was part of the project "inspired by 1856"

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Product photography: Gerhardt Kellermann

Grafik: Yannick Stechmeyer-Emden

Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design Department of Industrial Design, Prof. Uwe Fischer, AM Bastian Müller

In cooperation with BASF


© 2015 


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