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Gaunerei Bar | Restaurant

Located in the heart of Ludwigsburg since spring 2022, the Gaunerei is the place to go for anyone who wants to experience a unique flair.

The restaurant offers creative seasonal dishes, local wines, Swabian classics and a warm and charming service. 

The overall design concept is functional, straightforward and honest. The seating arrangement and work paths are designed to be as efficient as possible. 

The kitchen has been enlarged, the view to the chef has been exposed, everything is meant to be transparent to the guest. 

The L-shaped bar is the highlight, it is the central focus of the restaurant. The structure is made of a black metal frame on which the oak counter is placed. The black expanded metal facade is atmospherically illuminated from behind. The hanging shelf, which is placed above the bar, illuminates the bar activity and also gives atmospheric light upwards by illuminating the glasses from below.

Small oak tables can be quickly pushed together to form a large table. Black upholstered chairs as well as an upholstered wooden corner bench in front of an anthracite wall match the overall industrial style. 

In the evening, there are delicious drinks and cocktails to soul / funk / rap with dimmed lights. The naturally restrained material selection of oak, black steel and high-quality textiles, as well as a cozy dimmed warm lighting mood let the guests also like to sit a little longer.

Client: Gaunerei

Concept + project coordination: Luca Sprotte

Interior Design: studio creative underdogs + Luca Sprotte


Realization: Familie Sprotte, WohnraumDesign - Savas Özkan, Werkkollektiv GmbH, Gebrüder Holzwarth GmbH

Photos: Philip Kottlorz

Address: Aspergerstr. 12, 71634 Ludwigsburg

© 2019-2022

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