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Thermaltake Gaming Gear Series | Studio F. A. Porsche for Thermaltake

Decent accessories are a must if you want to dive into the fantastic, immersive worlds of video games. Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese manufacturer which produces outstanding gaming accessories and commissioned us to develop premium peripherals for the Argent Gaming Gear series. Our task: to craft a unique design language which features high-quality materials and simple, easy-to-read shapes and which clearly stands out from existing gaming products.

Freelance design work in Studio F. A. Porsche for Thermaltake. (copyrights: Studio F. A. Porsche)

The ARGENT M5 RGB gaming mouse is reddot winner 2021.

The ARGENT K6 RGB gaming keyboard is reddot winner 2022.

The ARGENT DS 100 desk cooler is reddot winner 2022.

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TT_argent ds 100
TT_Argent K6
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