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KERNSTADT NEU | Amt for Stadtgestaltung Stuttgart + Studio F. A. Porsche

The diploma project is about a smart rooftop concept for the inner city of Stuttgart which includes sun and rain protection, solarenergy, lightning and climat regulation.

Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design Department of Industrial Design

In cooperation with Studio F. A. Porsche and Amt für Stadtgestaltung Stuttgart


© 2018

20180114Diplom_Alexander Klein_Rendering72dpi22
20180114Diplom_Alexander Klein_Rendering72dpi20
20180114Diplom_Alexander Klein_Rendering72dpi14
20180114Diplom_Alexander Klein_Rendering72dpi26
20180114Diplom_Alexander Klein_Rendering72dpi21
20180114Diplom_Alexander Klein_Rendering72dpi13
20180114Diplom_Alexander Klein_Rendering72dpi12
20180114Diplom_Alexander Klein_Rendering72dpi36
20180114Diplom_Alexander Klein_Rendering72dpi16
20180114Diplom_Alexander Klein_Rendering72dpi15
20180114Diplom_Alexander Klein_Rendering72dpi32
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