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Project as lecturer for furniture design

Twenty-one students from the International Master of Interior-Architectural Design (IMIAD) program, the master’s program for interior architecture at
the Hochschule für Technik in Stuttgart, explored the functional properties and potentials of linoleum flooring, furniture, and pinboard materials through practical experiments and a methodical approach in a seminar led by material researcher Dr. Kerstin Mayer.


The design task involved developing new functional applications and designing a small item of furniture or a product of choice using linoleum from

Forbo Flooring. The linoleum could be combined and complemented with newly designed elements and an additional environmentally-friendly material.


The finished prototypes were documented by the students in a photo workshop with photographer Philip Kottlorz and presented in January 2023.

The semester project was supervised by Prof. Karsten Weigel, Dipl.- Des. Alexander Klein, and Dipl.-Des. Melissa Acker.

© Hochschule für Technik - International Master of Interior-Architectural Design (IMIAD) program - Wintersemester 2022 / 2023

HFT meets Forbo 1
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