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This zine is not a portfolio of projects that studio creative underdogs does. This zine is a documentation of collected inspirations on the road for the studio.


The last business trip to Las Vegas in January 2020 took place due to a product lauch in the field of consumer electronics at the C.E.S. ( Consumer Electronic Show) for a Taiwanese company. All photos were taken with the Leica D-Lux by Alex Klein during his trip to Nevada, Death Valley an San Francisco.


The collection of travel photos is combined with old comic sketches that show the studio interest in pop art an street photography. The zine illustrates a part of the inspirational photograph that later influences the design work of objects an spaces. This makes it easier to understand the formal language, which is a combination of rough street objects and high-quality details and materials.


limited photo zine in A 5 version

shots in:


San Francisco

Las Vegas

Death Valley


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